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Dear Winnie,


The relationship I have with you is the most important because you make me want to be a better person everyday. Being able to live with you was the most important gift, because now I can see myself through the most bright lens, your most common positive attitude, kind gestures, and open ears and heart always makes me feel like I’m much better than who I am because if I go out into society, I don’t think people recognize the same ing. 


You’re positivity and optimistic attitude is so unique because you see good in everyone, and you see good in most things you interact with; through these characteristics you find a way to never give up. To say that I want to achieve exactly whats in my dream, is one of the loneliest road to take, but you never get upset, you’re always strong but most importantly quiet and calm in the fast changing New York.


Its clear to me now why I think you have a lot of dreams and its because its hard for you to give up in general like the last drop of coke left in a 16oz plastic bottle, the nails that came off after you got them done in Taiwan, or old photographs. I think you’re fascinated with past Winnie and where she’s been, and a constant reference to that is unlike any works I’ve ever seen, because most times, visual characteristics that pertain to naivety or childishness, is used to directly respond to  western aesthetics, but again its your calm and quiet composure in the American society, and  working alongside its philosophies like painting large, and mass manufacturing that I’m obsessed with in your work. 


I think the cute characters you’ve created deserve a world for themselves, a politics that is created by them like Mr. Bigfoot, who’s doing wonderful governmental works. They belong only to you and they’re so strong because you have to explain to me what roles they have in the world.  


To see you constantly refer back to this Mr. Turtle years after years sheds light of maturity on your dreams and innocence and this concept alone is beautiful in itself, but if you were to take a more business related path, the power of your nostalgia, and your emotional memory and dreams should serve to you like a testament on how strong of a person you are and how successful you will be with spiritual wealth no matter where you go.


To see your work grow is such a fantastic journey, I cant wait for you to paint on the new canvas, Im really happy for you and all but all of that aside most importantly you see the best things in me, and you love me so much, you laugh at my jokes and thats all I care about.


Love, Ing

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